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Travel to France by train – One of the preferred tourist objectives

France had 7 million of visitors over The United States and Spain in 2016. Despite of being the city of Paris and Disneyland the principal attractions, people also go to the French Riviera, the castles of the Loire Valley, Lourdes (a worldly famous town visited by devoted pilgrims), Alsace and the gorgeous and delicious wine zones.

When we recommend you to travel to France by train we are referring to the area in Europe, of course; but actually this country has the biggest amount of time zones in the world. They are 12, because the nation colonized different territories everywhere, including places in South America and islands in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

Interesting facts about the Gaulish nation

  • Many eminent inventions can be attributed to French citizens. Among the most relevant ones you can find the hot air balloon (Montgolfier brothers, 1783), pasteurization process (Louis Pasteur, 1864), stethoscope (René Laënnec, 1816) and the parachute (Louis-Sébastien Lenormand, 1783). However, the last one was imagined and drew by the Italian Leonardo Da Vinci in the Century XV. The most recent development has been the cell phone camera (Phillippe Kahn, 1997).
  • There are more than 30.000 circle detours, which is as much as fifty percent of the roundabouts existing on the planet.
  • A government decision was made in 2016 prohibiting to the supermarkets and other grocery stores to throw away or burn the food that has not been sold. They are now forced to donate the remaining foodstuff.
  • The guillotine, an apparatus designed to decapitate thugs by Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, was officially chosen as a kinder technique of execution in 1792. Also, it let the public watch the activity where criminals got their castigation. The death penalty is not working in this country since 1981. The last time had been 4 years before after a Tunisian called Hamida Djandoubi.
  • The shortest lapse of time a monarch has ever governed a nation was when Louis XIX, was technically named as the king of France. In about 20 minutes he renounced to the crown and, in fact, he did not lead the kingdom.
  • It is the largest country in the European continent if you rule out Ukraine and Russia.

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