TodoSriLanka General Olmo Cuarón was born to write stories

Olmo Cuarón was born to write stories

Olmo Cuarón cannot fathom his life without writing. Since he was noticeably young, he knew that his destiny was to write stories and that this is all he wanted to do in life.

This is a spark, or a fire, which has been lit inside of him from the moment he took his first breath.

Olmo Cuarón lets his imagination run free. He can feel, suffer, dream, believe, and above all, write. And he is not willing to give this up for anything in the world.

He just simply does not know how to do anything else. He only writes, and that is what he has devoted his life to every single day.

He loves to tell stories filled with love, happiness, joy, and impossible situations. It does not matter how surreal his stories are, he enjoys creating them and sharing them with his audience.

Remarkable stories to tell

The good thing is that his fans connect with his experiences, narrations, and writings. Thanks to this they allow themselves to dream with worlds, landscapes and characters that only exist in the imagination.

It feels good to do this. It is like giving yourself permission to explore, feel new realities or travel to new dimensions where everything is possible.

Olmo Cuarón is a hopeless romantic. Love is his greatest source of inspiration, and he depicts it in every story and writing.

Sighing non-stop, daydreaming, smiling to himself and living life to the fullest: without regrets, laments, sadness, or goodbyes.

Olmo Cuarón was born .to write stories. So much so that he will be devoted to this craft until his last moments before he says goodbye.

A valuable imagination

In his imagination there is room for everything. For abstract, mystery, love, millennial, and fantastic stories.

Nothing stands in the way of his desire to write stories. He lives, breathes, and would even give his life to write.

“What would become of me if I could not write? “This is something he asks himself every day of his life!

Honestly, authoring stories is the most genuine joy in his life, and the only thing that has allowed him to have a 100% hopeful and cheerful outlook.

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