TodoSriLanka Travel The best beaches you need to visit in Sri Lanka

The best beaches you need to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s unique and exotic destinations offer a lot to discover, but the scorching heat and humidity in weather compel you to run back toward the coastal areas. Several best beaches in Sri Lanka are located along the southwestern coast, where blue water, snorkeling opportunities, and surfing waves are waiting to make you enjoyed.

Keep on reading to discover which beach is the one for you.

Top beaches in Sri Lanka


Bentota is situated in the Southwest, about 62 km south of Colombo. The magnificent Bentota beach is lined with a string of charming hotels and appealing upmarket accommodation along the coastline.

Trust me, many residents of Colombo consider it as a happy escape on weekends as it’s surrounded by warm palm trees and a serene atmosphere. There’s a lot to explore here, from kayaking, Jet-skiing, and boat trips to much more.


  • Family environment
  • Lots of hotel options


  • The location is quite far from Colombo airport
  • Beach break closeouts


This beautiful beach comprises lustrous palm trees and fine sands, which makes it ideal for swimming and surfing. It has a variety of hotels and guesthouses offering a variety of accommodation choices nearby. Trust me; many tour operators based in the nearby village offer boat trips to see them during the season, which runs from December to April. So, it’s preferred to go in that season.


  • It has a much bigger beach.


  • It has a small reef-sheltered part for swimming year-round.
  • Hiriketiya

A famous saying from the tourists is ‘Two breaks; one beach – that’s Hiriketiya Beach in short.’ It is situated in a tropical cove on the far southern edge of Sri Lanka. Its popularity has risen in recent years due to Sri Lankan surf trails. And its ambiance, market area, shops, restaurants, and friendly boutique hotels are enough to attract visitors.


  • A sheltered beach break that’s great for newbies
  • The super-chilled and welcoming people
  • Beautiful bay-area


  • The location is quite far from Colombo airport
  • Beach break closeouts

As we all know, Hiriketiya Beach and some other exotic locations require a lot of time for transportation, so why not explore something else.

Why would we need someone to drive us when we can drive ourselves?

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Another option is to drive as a Sri Lanka tourist, for which you will need a local temporary driving permit. You can get it quickly in 1-2 hours. There is a lot of information related to it available online. Go and explore.  Decide wisely, whatever suits you best.

Let us know your ideas for the trip to Sri Lanka and when you would like to go to one of the beaches mentioned-above.

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